The need for businesses to find new opportunities in the global marketplace has never been more critical. There are thousands of Public Sector tenders available on any given day, and it’s not only a question of locating suitable ones, but ensuring that a successful bid is developed.

At present, most businesses lack the practical ‘know-how’, market information, and international connections to successfully access international markets. We provide comprehensive EC-wide business intelligence to SMEs and policymakers to help inform their decision-making process and future business strategies. One of our objectives under COSME was to offer a practical information exchange, advice, and training solution, based on proven international cross-border experience to up skill SMEs to compete for these rewarding opportunities.

We already have a consortium with Spain (ACCIÓ Catalunya), France (Paris Chamber of Commerce), Italy (Venice Chamber of Commerce) and United Kingdom (Bangor University). In addition, our collective aim was to ensure that SMEs are better informed and prepared to participate in cross-border public procurement opportunities, and in parallel, appreciate the value of bidding collaboratively for cross-border opportunities linked to the Smart Cities (in sectors such as energy, transport, water, waste and assisted living).