International Tender Development Training Program

ConsultingIreland Full Training Program

Supporting organisations to prepare for International Financial Institution (IFI) Bids

  • Billions available in the international public and private procurement markets.
  • Leverage this market potential to offset the ‘unknown’ of Brexit.
  • Diversify and develop an additional revenue stream for your organisation.


Simply sign-up for our comprehensive International Tender Development Program to take you through the key steps in bidding for IFI projects worldwide.

The International Tender Development Program will provide you with the knowledge, tools, skills and process to confidently enter this international market and grow your business.

The program consists of:

  • Two days interactive training by experienced consultants with 30+ years’ experience bidding and winning internationally;
  • Four hours customised mentoring provided to individual organisations or consortium members by experienced consultants;
  • Opportunity to join the sector-specific Consulting Ireland Bid Teams and to find both local and international partners, and
  • One-year free Membership to the unique Consulting Ireland – IFI Project Tracking System.

The two-day training program is outlined below and it will be run in various locations both in Ireland and overseas.

It is also available for delivery in-house for individual organisations who wish to have a team upskilled in the international tendering process.

If you wish to make further inquiries about this program, feel free to contact Seamus McCann on or Charley Swords on

We are an alliance of highly experienced Irish business consultants with a proven and successful track record in bidding for and winning international IFI projects.  We are passionate about sharing our experience and knowledge of the international bidding process with organisations, worldwide.

Consulting Ireland is also partner to a number of leading international organisations such as National and Regional Government, Chambers and Business Associations through which we can identify and source partners for international projects and tenders.

Our International Tender Development Mentoring service is customised for each individual organisation or consortium based on the in-depth understanding we get of your business(es), your objectives in terms of bidding for international IFI projects and the approach and commitment you bring to the process.

We become an independent sounding board for your organisation and we provide a very practical perspective to support you to confidently develop your international tender bids.

Our four-hour mentoring service can be utilised in one meeting or split into two two-hour meetings during the tender process – this is at your own discretion.

The mentoring support services provided cover a range of areas and each organisation can choose the topic(s) they need most support on during the four-hour session:

  • Identifying the right international markets and sectors for your organization.
  • Identifying the most appropriate tender opportunities.
  • Identifying potential local partners to form a consortium or to guide you in joining a Consulting Ireland Bid Team.
  • Identifying possible international partners and translation service providers, international sub-contracted consultants etc. to enable you to field a strong and competent team in your bid.
  • Support in structuring your EOI and/or Tender Proposal.
  • Review and editing of your final draft EOI and/or Tender Proposal.
  • Preparation for interview when short-listed.

As part of our initiative to assist organisations to win increased international business and to compete successfully with our other European and Global partners, Consulting Ireland has initiated the Bid Team initiative.

Currently there a number of Bid Teams actively bidding for projects in the following areas:

  • Agri/Food
  • ICT/Security
  • Energy/Environment
  • Trade/Finance
  • Transport/Aviation

The opportunity arises for participants on the International Tender Development Program to either join existing Bid Teams; form new Bid Teams for new sectors or initiatives e.g. Education and Training, Sustainable Energy, Smart Cities and IOT etc.

This will be discussed as part of the two-day training program and the mentoring service could also be utilised to support you in establishing or integrating with a Bid Team.

This unique IFI Project Tracking System was developed and is maintained by Consulting Ireland.

It provides real-time project opportunities by IFI, by sector, country, by date and allows more detailed and specific search via key word search. ConsultingIreland is also developing this system and with the assistance of the Innovation Vouchers scheme will have an enhanced model available soon. We are also constantly reviewing various systems from our International Partners and recognised Data Vendors.

The annual membership fee will be waived for participants of the International Tender Development Program for the first year.

This is an invaluable tool to help organisations identify potential opportunities and to keep your bidding process dynamic.

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