ConsultingIreland Services

Who would benefit from our services?

ConsultingIreland’s program is relevant to large organisations and opportunities are just as numerous for indigenous SMEs and individual consultants who can engage with the various international Bid Teams and either partner or sub-contract with them in the initial engagements.

Which services do we offer?

The below are developed and delivered on a case-by-case basis and customised to meet your specific needs.

A range of additional services are available through ConsultingIreland and include:

  • Mentoring – in addition to the four-hour service, on any topic.
  • Professional Training:
    • Project management
    • Leading a team
    • Communications
    • Report Writing
  • Interactive Workshops:
    • Developing Consortium
    • Developing International Project References
    • Finding Local and International Partners
    • How to use the Project Tracking System
  • Other Services :
    • Meeting with Embassies
    • Trade Missions