ConsultingIreland (CI) is an initiative to help Irish companies and organisations win an increased share of international projects. To date, the primary focus has been on the developing markets outside the EC28 countries. These opportunities are typically funded by the major International Funding Institutions such as the EC, EIB, EBRD, World Bank, UN, etc. The size of these ‘commercial’ markets are estimated at over €1Trillion per annum and have been largely ignored by Irish businesses, who have tended to focus on private sector opportunities or the heavily promoted R&D projects funded under the EC Horizon 2020 programme – that represents only 8% of the Commission’s overall budget.

In targeting these international markets, CI has established long-term cooperation agreements with other State Agencies and Business Associations in France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Hungary, United Kingdom, etc. to help Irish organisations find partners and facilitate linguistic and cultural synergies when seeking business in the likes of South America, MENA region or French-speaking territories around the world.

ConsultingIreland has now extended its interests to the significant business opportunities within the EC Member States and the individual National Public Sector programmes e.g. e-tenders in Ireland.

Along with other proactive European partners, including the Regional Government of Catalonia and the Paris Chambers, CI is implementing an EC-funded programme promoting Public Procurement and Cross-Border Tendering (PPACT) within the EC 28 countries. The objective of this assignment is to encourage organisations, including Private, State Agencies, NGOs, Universities, etc. to partner up and win business in neighbouring EC countries. The major focus of this programme is ‘Smart Cities’, in strategic areas such as transport, energy, waste management, water, housing and assisted living.

The PPACT programme will address barriers that enterprises encounter when accessing public procurement markets. It will focus on providing information, advisory and support services and will seek to seize the opportunities emerging with the new European Public Procurement Directives.

In summary PPACT aims to:

  • Identify procurement opportunities across the 28 EC States (e.g. 1. Those published on National Tender sites and 2. Internal EC projects, including the additional opportunities following the ‘BREXIT’ decision). These prospects will be delivered via a newly developed tracking system.
  • Provide support to the various Business Support Organisations such as Regional Government Agencies and Business Chambers (e.g. Paris Chamberds has over 600k members).
  • Provide practical training and mentoring to organisations interested in cross-border ‘commercial’ bidding.
  • Run B2B events in major cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Venice, London and Dublin to actively seek interested parties for inclusion on upcoming opportunities and emerging consortia. By way of example, the Catalonian Agency has already highlighted the Spanish opportunities that should interest Irish organisations who want to expand their current areas of business beyond these shores.

Interested parties should contact or Seamus McCann You may also call us at +353 1 675 3811.

PPACT Project Meetings 2017-2018


In May 2017, we held the PPACT kick-off event. In day one, we went through each work package lead by different partners. On day two, we had the opening conference and a city tour on Smart cities. We delivered an overview of the current EU cross-border public procurement market trends. The masterclass presentation on the PPACT project indicated the tools and services that would be developed to support the SMEs.



Between the 4th and 5th of October 2017, the PPACT group met in Bangor, North Wales, to progress our EU funded programme. The group reviewed the following topics:

  • Tendering Effectively
  • Understanding the Tendering Procedure
  • Identifying International Opportunities
  • Finding International Partners
  • Building International Consortia
  • Running support programmes for international public procurement


From 14th to 16th of November 2017, the PPACT group will meet in Barcelona to progress work on our EU funded project. At the same time, we will attend the Smart City Expo World Congress.

PPACT Promotion at other Events

Please, check out the following link for additional details and a general presentation: