ConsultingIreland, together with Enterprise Ireland, has hosted in March 2017 a seminar to show the main steps needed to engage with the recent Framework opportunity announced by EC, with an estimated value of €650m. We also provided assistance in preparing the required documentation that will enable Irish organisations to be invited and join some of the Framework teams/consortia.

ConsultingIreland identified the possible lead partners for the Irish organisations under this new Framework opportunity and for other future bids. We also briefly discussed how to capitalise on the 200,000 daily tenders that are not only published by the EC, but by the many other funding sources such as the World Bank, EBRD, United Nations, etc. We explained how organisations can join our new cross-sectoral bidding team to actively pursue future international projects with our International partners in the likes of France, Spain, Italy, Norway and Hungary. And we also discussed the impact of BREXIT when over 4,000 UK companies exit this area of EX funded business and the significant opportunities that this will present to Irish companies.