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    International Partners

    Regional Government Partners: Alsace, Catalonia and South Norway

    Network Partners: Strategy Australia, EIEA LLC Qatar, ICT Cluster Serbia

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    Find International Opportunities

    Consulting Ireland will help members identify tender opportunities across all major sectors.

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    Win International Contracts

    As part of Consulting Ireland your profile is marketed to international groups and agencies who may require a partner on a project, as well as potential clients.

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    Networking Opportunities

    As part of Consulting Ireland you can attend regular seminars, mentoring programmes and debates on relevant issues and also have the opportunity to network with potential partners.

Consulting Ireland

Consulting Ireland is a new initiative, supported by Enterprise Ireland that will provide practical support to consultancy practices and individual consultants in Ireland in targeting and developing new business opportunities in the emerging markets. 


The focus will be on opportunities funded by the main International Financing Institutions (IFIs) such as the European Commission and World Bank. These substantial multi-billion euro markets have been virtually untapped by Irish consultants in recent years.

ConsultingIreland 25 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland.
+353 1 663 3976

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